Peter Dolezal

Author of three books, each designed to assist Canadians in enhancing their lifestyle and financial well-being.

The Smart Canadian Wealth-builder

The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder

Third Edition October 2017



The SMART CANADIAN WEALTH-BUILDER: Stepping Stones to Financial Independence

Third Edition October 2017

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..".shines a light on many of the financial issues that all of us grapple with...

Similar in style and understandability to "The Wealthy Barber" - but more comprehensive and up-to-date, including very important, newer investment options for Canadians.

"Peter Dolezal's newest book oozes credibility, and provides a practical insight into how to create and sustain wealth. Especially useful for young adults, this book should be mandatory reading for all high school and post-secondary students. A must read for all Canadians." --Bob Skene, FCA, Past Chairman, Chancellor and President, Royal Roads University"

Many Canadians mishandle their financial affairs, creating unnecessary stress and dependencies, simply due to lack of knowledge. Peter Dolezal explains the basics of personal financial planning in very clear terms. Everyone from novice to the financially aware can benefit greatly. This book is a must-read for all." --Bryan Wilson, Chief Financial Officer

About the author: PETER DOLEZAL  

Peter Dolezal, B.A., M.B.A., former CEO of major Canadian corporations, is now semi-retired in Victoria. Author of several books, he is a lifelong investor in, and student of, the financial services industry. Through this book, he shares his knowledge and experience in a clear, yet comprehensive manner. 

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Peter Dolezal

About Peter

Author of The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder, The Naked Traveller & the Naked Homeowner.

After obtaining his B.A. and M.B.A. from Queen's University, Peter's finance and labour relations experience helped propel him through a career in Canada's corporate world in the Automotive, Oil Sands, Mining, and Government sectors, serving twelve of those years as Chief Executive Officer of two major corporations.

Extremely successful, Peter's extensive business background and specific real estate experience provide the foundation for his practical “Self-Help” books, through which he hopes to assist many others in their quest for best value in REAL ESTATE, TRAVEL, and PERSONAL FINANCES.

Dolezal is again semi-retired, and residing in Sidney, BC. 

The Naked Traveller

The Naked Traveller

Travel Smart! Travel More!

 Peter's lifelong passion for travel, as well as career obligations, have seen him circle the globe many times. He is an admitted travelholic, having explored more than 50 countries on six continents. His second book, The Naked Traveller, captures for others his experiences in Travelling Smart, in order to be able to Travel More. 
North Americans are avid travellers. We explore all corners of the globe, in all seasons. Many of us invest a significant portion of our disposable income on travel. 
Regardless of budget, your travel dollar CAN stretch further than you thought possible. This book is your guide. Full of practical TIPS and illustrative anecdotes, it will help you achieve BEST-VALUE in all your travels.
In providing a road map to BEST-VALUE travel, this book will assist you with an understanding of how to:

  • Plan your trip
  • Budget and save for that trip
  • Redeem reward travel miles for optimum value
  • Minimize baggage, security and insurance hassles
  • Obtain better deals on air, bus and train travel
  • Save on hotel accommodation world-wide
  • Consider home exchanges, time shares and long-stays
  • Savor the thrill and economics of cycling and hiking
  • Solve currency, cultural, and language issues

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The Naked Homeowner

The Naked Homeowner

The Naked Homeowner

The Naked Homeowner: Achieving Best Value in Buying or Selling Your Home 

Paperback – November 19, 2007

Concise, step-by-step understanding of the residential real estate market. 'Can-do' guide assists in optimizing long-term, tax free, financial benefits when buying or selling your personal residence. 

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